Preview of the exhibition Self-Identification at The Fort Institute of Photography

The Fort Institute of Photography and Madelski Collection invites you to the exhibition:

Self-Identification. Photographs from the collection of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski

1st- 24th of September, Gallery of the Fort Institute of Photography, 99 Raclawicka St, Warsaw, PL

Dressed only in high-heels, Ewa Partum is wandering Krakowskie Przedmieście. Seen only from her profile, the silhouette of the young woman with snow white skin and raven hair seems literally and figuratively small against the background of a monumental pedestal from which the equestrian statue of Prince Józef Poniatowski arises. This surreal composition has become a starting point for us to create an exhibition of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski’s collection of photography and video.

The collection itself is so vast that a careful choice had to be made. We have decided that the topic of gender policy, women’s rights and their freedom is of the most importance to us today. Hence, we are presenting two pillars of the collection (the works of Natalia LL and Ewa Partum) on the one hand and works crucial to the critical art stream of Polish feminist movement on the other hand (artists including Katarzyna Kozyra, Katarzyna Górna, Alicja Żebrowska). The Madelski Collection still develops with time and since the last exhibition we have managed to acquire numerous new works (of artists like Mia Dudek and Anna Grzelewska among others). However, we have decided to include in this exhibition only these, which match the political and artistic framework set by the Mistresses. Other new acquisitions are reproduced in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition. In this way, the exhibition – like the work of Partum – is a kind of assembly combining contexts, attitudes and ideas represented by invited artists of different generations and aesthetics. Self-Identification, as Ewa Partum declared, is a question of the role of women in the society. It seems to us that the work of Partum not only did not age, but most worryingly, it grew younger.

The exhibition and furthermore, the Madelski Collection is a process stretched in time, a renewed attempt to orchestrate what was and is crucial to Ewa Partum and to Natalia LL as well as all the artists dealing with body, identity and gender issues.

Ariana Hekmat, Adam Mazur


Natalia LL
Zofia Kulik
Ewa Partum
Katarzyna Górna
Zbigniew Libera
Teresa Gierzyńska
Monika Mamzeta-Zielińska
Alicja Żebrowska
Elżbieta Jabłońska
Maciej Osika
Barbara Konopka
Andrzej Dragan
Zuzanna Janin
Agata Michowska
Martynka Wawrzyniak
Dorota Nieznalska
Katarzyna Kozyra
Marta Deskur
Julita Paluszkiewicz
Anna Grzelewska
Mia Dudek
Aneta Grzeszykowska
Jan Smaga

Curators: Ariana Hekmat i Adam Mazur

Opening hours:
Wednesday-Friday 2-6 pm
Saturday-Sunday 12-6 pm

* The exhibition is dedicated to adult viewers

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Photos of the opening of the show