First exposition of the Madelski Collection in Bydgoszcz, PL !

12.10.2017 - 27.10.2018

Vintage, Modern, Posthumous - Photographs from the Collection of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski is the title of the first show of the collection in Bydgoszcz, that will be opened on Friday! The exhibition is a part of The 4th Vintage Photo Festival.

The story of Joanna and Krzysztof Madelski’s photography collection began almost a decade ago and is constantly developing. It is diverse in terms of technique and aesthetics. The selection of photography embraces the subject of gender, therefore the aim of the collection is to evoke thought on the identity of women. It brings into question issues such as  presence of women in social and political life, existing stereotypes, furthermore - identification of their gender (physical and social), passing of time and emancipation - equality versus seeking care and security.

Apart from works of distinguished Polish artists such as Jan Bułhak and Jerzy Benedykt Dorys, there are pieces by experimentalists like Jerzy Lewczyński and Paweł Pierściński, which are all part of the Vintage, Modern, Posthumous exhibition.
The entire collection has never been shown to public. As presenting parts of it, results in a diversified approach towards the theme. The invitation to exhibit the Madelski Collection in Bydgoszcz contributed to displaying it in a completely different way. 
The subtitle of the festival "festival of analog photography lovers" was our starting point. Together with Adam Mazur, we decided on a rather unusual division and selection of photographic works for this exhibition. Initially our feel was supposed to be more technical, so we would refer to the tool which the photographer used, but it seemed too simple and obvious. Later we focused on the print itself, to which the title of our exhibition refers.

This time we will present a collection arranged by date of production of the prints. Moreover, we are going to introduce certain, non obvious concepts and issues related to it. It will be an excellent opportunity for a photo review as well as an excuse to evoke academic discussion. We are thrilled to share our collection with a broad audience and we sincerely hope that through this exhibition we will be able to convey at least some of our fascination and emotions which go along with the creation process and the various editions of the collection.

Ariana Hekmat


Place: Farbiarnia Gallery, Pomorska Street 68A/1, Bydgoszcz, PL
Curators: Ariana Hekmat and Adam Mazur
Exhibition concept: Katarzyna Gębarowska

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